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Why You Might Need a Domain Name
You can start an online brand with a web address, or simply add to your existing brand. Instead of having visitors go to your site at a long and confusing internet address, you can give them a short and easily recognizable domain name to find your website. In addition, once your website is connected to the domain name, the search engines will start to index your website pages under that domain name, further solidifying your brand and increasing traffic to your website. Finally, you will be able to demonstrate credibility with your new domain name when you send and receive e-mails at your custom domain, such as Domain names are NOT case-sensitive, so you will get all uppercase and lowercase variations of this name.
Why Do Premium Domains Cost So Much?
Domain names are a limited resource. Although you can hand-register a domain name for approximately $10 per year, most of the shorter, clear, instantly recognizable and business-oriented domain names have been registered already by someone else by this point in time. The domain name system has been around since the 1990's, so after almost 30 years, we are lucky that we can still get domains that are clear and recognizable. This situation will probably only get worse as time goes on. True, you can get a jumbled domain name for much less of a cost, but then your customers may have trouble locating your website.
Why You Might Want To Act Quickly
Since there is only one in stock, the first person to purchase the domain will get it. When that happens, the new owner may not want to sell the domain at all, or would most likely charge much more than what is listed here. .Com domains are digital assets that are only getting rarer by the day. Verisign reports indicate almost a 4% increase in .com domain registrations year-over-year, and sales and keyword data is constantly being updated. What this means is that in the not-so-distant future, the rarity and value of the domain may increase substantially. If you Buy It Now and the value of the domain increases, you might be able to sell it later on for more than what you paid for it, and in the meantime also get to use the domain for your website name.

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a Life Coach or Motivational business, social & networking brands, an Entertainment & Arts Business, Health & Wellness business and more!

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